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they might not actually fit your requirements. One thing to note is that some web hosts don’t offer a money back guarantee on dedicated servers due to the costs of setting them up; this could mean that if you have ended up with a dedicated server that doesn’t fit your requirements because you didn’t know the meanings of some technical terms originally, you will not be able to get your money back. However, the story is different with VPS since many hosts do offer a money back guarantee on VPS servers since they are a type of shared hosting as well as dedicated hosting meaning that there are no costs involved in setting them up; this means that if you do not know the meanings of some VPS and dedicated server< related technical terms to begin with, you can start with a VPS because if you find out about something that you don’t understand or receive something that turns out not to fit your requirements, you are able to get your money back.



Bandwidth is something referred to as traffic, and is the amount of data that can be transferred between your website and the client computers which visit it. Bandwidth is normally measured in gigbytes (GB), but used to be measured in megabytes (MB) before the internet became the busy traffic exchange that it is now. In dedicated server terms, bandwidth also refers to the data transfer rate (normally both up and down) that the server will receive; in most cases dedicated servers are connected to 1GB/ps internal networks and then fed through to the internet via 100mb/ps uplinks – the same can also be applied to virtual private servers, but the NIC (network interface card) on the host node is shared between all VPS which are hosted by the machine. When looking for a VPS, you should always consider the amount of bandwidth that you will receive on the package concerned since this will effect how many visitors your website can recieve; if you are a web host or a reseller then the amount of bandwidth assigned to you could effect how many clients that you are able to host on your VPS.

Disk Space

Disk space is the amount of space that you are able to use to host your files, or clients. Disk space is a valuable resource, and since the amount of disk space the host node has is ‘limited’, you are in most cases unable to purchase extra disk space, and your only choice if you do want more disk space is to upgrade to the next VPS hosting plan that your web host offers. The amount of disk space that you have can dictate how much you are able to host; for example, if you had an account with 200MB (megabytes) of disk space then you will not be able to host many images or videos for your website, one another thing to note is that emails take up a certain amount of disk space, thus reducing the amount that you are able to use.


RAM stands for ‘Random Access Memory’ and is the amount of usable memory which is assigned to your VPS. RAM for VPS comes in two different forms: guaranteed RAM and burstable RAM. Guaranteed RAM is the amount of RAM which has been uniquely assigned to your VPS, and will always be available for your VPS to use – in other words this is the amount of RAM which you ‘own’ and cannot be touched by other VPS that are hosted on the same node as you; burstable RAM (sometimes referred to as swap RAM) is left over RAM on the physical node which can be accessed by any VPS which may have run out of guaranteed RAM and just needs a bit more so that it can get it’s activities back on track – this type of RAM is shared amongst all the VPS on the host node meaning that it might not always be available for your VPS to use. The amount of guaranteed RAM that you have assigned to your VPS is crucial for your the performance of it; this is because if you don’t have enough RAM then certain programs might not be able to run at all, and if your VPS runs out of free RAM at a certain point and there isn’t any burstable RAM available, then your VPS might just crash or be shutdown by the VPS daemon software.

Root Access / Remote Desktop Access

Root access is the name given to the ability of being able to access a Linux VPS over SSH using the root account; Remote Desktop access is its Windows counterpart. This is one important feature of VPS hosting over other types of hosting which fall below it; for example with root / administrator access to your VPS you are able to administer any part of it you want since you are able to access any part of it, the most crucial point though is that you are able to install any program you want since the actions of the program will not have any effect on the other VPS that are hosted on the same node as you. With the ability to install any program that you want, you are open to a whole load of idea on what you could use your Virtual private server for; if your VPS is powerful enough then you might want to run several different programs or services off it to make the most of it, or even sell hosting on it so that you can make a return on your investment within a VPS.

Private Name Servers

Private name servers are name servers that can be created under the branding of a domain of your choice. For example, with private name servers you are able to have ‘ns1.yourdomain.com’ and ‘ns2.yourdomain.com’, both of which should point to separate IPs – most VPS come with at least two individual IP addresses anyway. If you are a web host or website designer, then using private name servers is a big ‘must’ since it can help improve your corporate identity, as well as extend it. Private name servers are only achievable on VPS hosting and dedicated servers due to the nature of IP address assigning; however, in some cases it is achievable on reseller hosting but never on standard shared website hosting.

Control Panels

Most private server web hosts offer some sort of control panel as such with their VPS packages – some offer one for free, others you have to pay to receive a control panel. Most VPS control panels give you the ability to create multiple ‘client’ accounts and host multiple domains along with many features such as email account creation and managements, FTP account creation and management as well as file manager so that you can manage the contents of the web space of the domain concerned whilst you are on the road as well as an auto-script installer to help get your website started. A control panel is the perfect solution for you if you are new to VPS hosting and have no or little knowledge of server administration since they give you a web based graphical interface which you are able to use to administer your server and websites; if you have a good level of server administration knowledge then you might not need a control panel since you will probably have the skills to set your VPS up to the way you want it to be.

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